Taking Mind Map Notes in A Meeting Doesn’t Work!

I was running another information management course for a group of professional people just recently as part of helping them deal with information overload.

Even in this world dominated by the virtual environment of the internet and the vast array of technology at our finger tips for remote working, for this group of people it was part of their business to be involved in many face to face meetings with clients, suppliers and colleagues and often all three.

As usual I taught these people the power of Mind Mapping and showed them the various ways they could harness the tool to become more effective, productive and efficient in a variety of information driven situations. In particular I stressed the benefit of taking Mind Map notes in meetings.

One of the delegates Rob, a sharp and keen minded technical director asked the question – “but don’t you miss stuff when you have to Mind Map?”

He went on…

“Surely if you are taking the time to draw your main branches, add smaller branches and then choose keywords and images like you are telling us to, then you are going to miss what is going on in the meeting whilst you are doing that”

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