Mind Mapping Is Great For University Students – They Told Me So And I Have Video Proof

[NOTE - Make sure you watch the video below if you are learning ANYTHING and want a powerful way of improving your study abilities before you leave this page....especially the bit at 3:56]

Today I was out on the road again and this time I had been invited to a large university to give an hour long speech to about 150 new students on a variety of topics that broadly speaking come under the general heading of Study Skills.

These topics include:

  • How to read faster and remember more
  • Goal setting
  • The Power of belief
  • Mind Mapping
  • The brain
  • General memory improvement

I had a really great time with these students and they were a great audience.

Below you will see a short video that I shot before, during and after the session and in it I give the top 5 uses for Mind Mapping by students and share with you how to get the most out of using the Mind Map if you are in a learning situation.

It is just under 5 minutes long but if you watch all the way to 3:56, you will see exactly what 150 students thought about Mind Mapping when I turned the camera on them at the end of the session.

It was just like that famous scene out of the Life of Brian…..

So go ahead and watch the video now.

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