Mind Mapping For Languages

I was reading an article in the glossy magazine of a Sunday paper yesterday and I came across a mention of Mind Mapping in relation to learning languages.

Tony Buzan has had written a series of books looking at using ideas like Mind Mapping and memory techniques to help people learn a language and this was making mention of those.

Of course as a thinking tool, the use of Mind Mapping elevates all aspects of thought but it is especially powerful for learning.

Here are just a suggestion of how you could use Mind Mapping to help you in learning a language:

When you are learning vocabulary in a particular context (eg being in a restaurant) then create an image only Mind Map of what you might encounter in that context.

For example you might have a branch for meat with sub-branches showing cows (beef), sheep (lamb and mutton) and chickens.

You might also have a branch with pictures of drinks (tea, coffee, water, wine, beer etc).

Another branch might be one with items you would find on the table (knife, spoon fork, plate etc).

And so on.

Once you have created this Mind Map (either by drawing the items yourself or by cutting out pictures from a magazine) then all you have to do is write the translation of the item in your chosen language.

Learn Languages With Mind Mapping

If you are going to learn a number of languages make sure you take a copy of the image only Mind Map to use as a “master” copy.

Just the process of going through this suggestion will help you learn the vocabulary (active learning if you like) but also the application of a very powerful learning tool will add even more chance you will learn and recall the vocabulary.

The combination of the pictures and the spatial orientaion, aligned with the words will help reinforce it in your memory and increase your chances of recalling the vocabulary.

Try it and let me know how you get on.

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