Mind Mapping And Creativity, Can Mind Maps Help?

Let’s just think about Mind Mapping and Creativity for a moment.

Do you have these questions about creativity?

  • Is it true that some people are creative whilst others aren’t?
  • Can you teach creativity?
  • How do you use Mind Maps to solve problems?

Mind Mapping and Creativity Phil ChambersWell if you do, then worry not because the answers are available in video form from Phil Chambers the reigning Mind Mapping World Champion and International Grandmaster of Mind Mapping.

Yes there is a World Mind Mapping Championships (don’t ask a) what? or b) why?).

And yes there is such a thing as an International Grandmaster of Mind Mapping (again don’t ask a) who? or b) how?).

Now I know Phil Chambers quite well and forgetting the above titles and accolades that I personally think are a little ludicrous  and somewhat irrelevant (despite being awarded the title of “Grandmaster of Memory” myself), he is a nice guy, incredibly bright and undoubtedly someone who you would definitely call an “expert” on Mind Mapping.

More recently he seems to be Tony Buzan’s right hand man when it comes to delivering Mind Mapping training here in the UK and so in theory that endorsement by the main man himself should tell you something about Phil’s knowledge of the subject and his standing within the Buzan community.

So it seems that Phil has been down to the head office of Buzan Online, flirting with the secretaries, letting the girls in the office play with his coloured pens and generally strutting his Mind Map stuff in front of the camera.

He has created a series of 6 short videos on the BuzanOnline Website that answer the creativity questions I posed you at the start of this post.

Mind Mapping Software For Creativity?

Yes there is a bit of a plug for the iMindMap software (which I think is great by the way despite being a hardcore Mind Manager user) but I think it is worth watching these videos to get an insight into how you can develop your creativity.

So if you want to see the quality of one of Tony Buzan’s best instructors at the top of his game, then you need to go and watch these short videos now – it will take you less than 5 minutes.

Let me know what you think.

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