Mind Map Example – Using Mind Mapping For Training Handouts

At the end of last year I was invited by a large national professional body to do a series of 6 road shows around the country and speak about aspects of belief, its impact on learning and memory improvement in general.

The road shows were a great success and much fun was had by all.

The organisers asked if I would be giving out a hand out at the end of the session to which I replied “No, not in the conventional sense”.

I informed them however that I would be giving them a Mind Map to take away with them and here it is:


I put it together using Tony Buzan’s iMindMap Software because at the time I was evaluating the software.

It is a bit clunky with some of the text layout but it certainly does the job.

Now as you look at this sheet, because you were not there you probably don’t have a clue what this session would have been about.

That is fine because this example Mind Map is not meant for you it is meant for those that attended the session.

You see if you asked someone who was there what went on at the end of the day, using this Mind Map they would have no trouble in telling you what was covered at each stage.

Then if they wanted to, they could use this to review the key points I shared with them and over a period of time develop a long term ability to recall them.

If they had the normal typed up pages of text it would be much harder to do that without working through the whole manual again.

Whilst I do think that bulky manuals are useful as a record of specifics of content, I think the using Mind Mapping to capture the essence of what it means is a much better framework on which to hang the new found knowledge.

So if you have any examples of Mind Mapping from courses you have attended, then send them in and I will share them with my other visitors.

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