How Is A Mind Map Structured?

The question “how is a Mind Map structured” is another good question that I was asked recently on a course I was running and has two answers:

The first answer is “it depends”. And it depends on what it is you are Mind Mapping and how you are thinking about whatever it is you are thinking about. The organisation of the main branches and the associated sub-branches will entirely depend on just how you are organising your thoughts around your thinking activity.

Consistent Mind Maps Structuring

In the second answer, what will be certain if you are following the conventions of Mind Mapping properly, will be that your Mind Map will consist of the following:

  • A central image made up of at least 3 different colours

  • Coloured main branches, thicker at the centre and connected to the central image

  • Smaller sub-branches coming off the main branches

  • Individual keywords and/or images on each branch

  • A diagram structure that starts in the centre of the page and radiates out.

Pretty much all Mind Maps will be structured in this way but because of the unique nature of either the content or your slant on it, each Mind Map is entirely individual.

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