How Do You Control Mind Maps?

The question “how do you control a Mind Map” is a very interesting one indeed. It is usually asked when someone has a few Mind Maps under their belt and has begun to see how the use of the tool unleashes their creativity and generation of ideas.

Some people fear that once they get going, they will never be able to stop!

The answer is really quite simple, you stop adding to the Mind Map when you have achieved your thinking goal within the boundaries set by you. Always remember that producing the Mind Map is not the outcome here but the achievement of your objective is (through the use of the Mind Mapping tool).

It is really a process device to achieve your aim. Once you have got where you want to go then that is where your Mind Map ends.

By using this powerful thinking tool, you will probably achieve your thinking outcome far quicker, far more efficiently and you’ll probably enjoy the process more too!

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