7 Reasons to Add Colour to Your Mind Maps

Mind Maps and ColourAdding colour to your mind map is like “adding wings to a tiger” (it’s an actual Chinese phrase, by the way). It makes the mind map work better for you.

Here are seven things you can use colour for, in your mind maps.

Use colour in your mind maps to:

  1. Make the information “stick” better in your mind. After all, pretty things are retained better.
  2. Distinguish between the different branches of your mind maps.
  3. Clarify the association between different concepts, and club together similar ones in different branches.
  4. Indicate meaning through colour coding—red for negatives, green for positives, and yellow for “not sure”.
  5. Brand your product or company. You can use your company’s house colours in your mind maps to build team spirit and branding.
  6. Make mind mapping interesting by waking up the sleeping child in you.
  7. Get an excuse to finally request those markers you have been eyeing in the stationery department.

As you can see, colours add more than prettiness to your mind map.

What are some of the other reasons you use colour in your mind maps? Use the Comments section to let the world know!

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