Mind Manager 9.0 for Windows is Released

mindjet_logoMindjet have just announced that Mind Manager 9.0 for Windows has been released.

This Mind Mapping software is one of the leading, if not the lead Mind Map software on the marketplace.  Its development, particularly over the last few years has been significant and I am convinced it is well on the way to becoming a must have tool in the corporate environment alongside Microsoft Office.

So what is new in Mind Manager 9.0?

Well here are the main additional feature and improvement areas:

  • Power performance (meaning it is faster and uses less computing resources making it easier on the RAM and hard drive access)
  • Power Gannt Chart and resource planning (great for project managers who maybe now don’t need to export or integrate with separate PM software)
  • Slide Presentations (an addition to the exisiting presentation mode that gives greater flexibility)
  • Dynamic Outlook Dashboards (the interface with MS OUtlook has long been a bone of contention with power users of Mind Manager and so this is a huge leap forward for them)
  • WYSIWYG Printing (this means you will get what you want on the print output much easier than the fiddling around with previous versions)
  • Image and Icon Library (One of my biggest gripes with Mind Manager upgrades in the past is that it left out previously good and usable images and provided a new range.  I was never quite sure why.  Let’s hope this new library is in addition to what is available in versions 7 and 8)
  • Enhanced Interface and Usability Improvements (this is about being better integrated with Microsoft Office which is never a bad thing)

So all in all what is a very impressive piece of software (when you know how to use it right) has just got better.

Of course there are many features that will go unused and with such a powerful tool it is easy to get lost and completely under utilise the software.

Mind Manager is a powerful productivity tool when you know what you are doing and you have a structure and system in place to guide you in its use.

My Business Profit Productivity Blueprint will show you exactly how to be infinitely more productive and take far more control of your professional life using Mind Manager.

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