Mind Mapping Resources Directory

Mind Mapping Resource directoryIf you do a search on the terms Mind Mapping, or Mind Maps or any other terms related to this very powerful tool, you are going to find millions of pages on the internet with lots of information about all aspects of Tony Buzan’s great invention.  Some of the stuff out there is dreadful, most of it is mediocre but there are some excellent web sites and web pages that are worth having a look at if you want to find out more about Mind Mapping.

Now as this site is dedicated to Mind Mapping, I’d like to think that this would be a one stop shop for you to get all you need about the how to’s, Mind Map Software, examples of Mind Maps, applications and all other related information.

However I realise that as yet this site is not as comprehensive as it could be and even if it was, you deserve to get a balanced perspective on the topic and not just “Mind Maps according to Michael”.

So what I have started to do is compile a directory of the best Mind Mapping resources I have found or have had recommended to me and will publish it here on this page (and subsequent pages if things start to overflow).

So I hope you find information of use to you and good luck with using this powerful tool.

By the way if you find a resource not listed here but is worthy of inclusion, then let me know in the comments section below.  I’d also appreciate your comments on the resources you do explore and if you find any broken or out of date links.

Other Dedicated Mind Mapping Sites

The Mind Manager Enthusiasts Network This is a really great site for (as it says on their home page) “Enthusiasts of Mind Manager and Mind Mapping as an effective business, productivity and creativity tool”

The Master List of Mind Mapping Authority Sites – This is a very useful site to start out with because it lists all of the Mind Map related websites that are considered to be “Authority” sites on the topic.  I am very happy to say that this here site is listed in this directory.

Mind Mapping Articles

The following articles are drawn from resources that in themselves are not specialist Mind Mapping sites but that do talk about how they are using it.

How ADHD Students Use Mind Mapping at School – This article on appeared in the February/March edition of ADDitude.

Mind Managing Your Projects This is a good article (pdf) on using Mind Mapping for Project Management by Andrew Wilcox written for the Engineering Management Journal of the IEE

Mind Mapping – A Powerful Tool to Unlock Your Creative Genius by Dr Dilip