When You Are Mind Mapping Does It Have To Have Personal Meaning?

I get asked lots of questions about Mind Mapping in the course of my work and one that crops up quite a lot is the question “Does it have to have personal meaning?”

No it doesn’t have to have personal meaning, but you can’t apply Mind Mapping without giving it some personal meaning.

Let me explain.

Conventional note taking strategies would have you write down verbetim what you are reading or hearing.

Depending upon your level of experience and ability you might try and write down everything, or you might focus on just noting some key points.

If you and I were in the same lecture taking notes this way, it is highly likely that our notes would contain very similar things because we have essentially “copied” the same information.

Using Mind Mapping for Personal Meetings

However by applying Mind Mapping instead, we are forced to analysed what is being said, as it is being said to identify what is important to us.

Then we have to categorise it and summarise it and organise it in a way that is meaningful to us.

So if we were both Mind Mapping the same lecture, our maps would be far more distinct and unique to us because of the personal meaning we HAVE to impose in order to use the tool.

As you develop your Mind Mapping skill, your maps will become ever more personal to you in not only the meaning you capture, but also in the style you use to as you draw them out.

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