Mind Mapping For Yourself and Mind Mapping For Others – The Difference

In my travels around the globe, both virtual and real I am often asked about the difference between Mind Mapping for yourself and the use of your Mind Mapping with others.

Mind Mapping for yourself is by definition a personal process and so you will always benefit from the technique.

Whilst the evidence of your efforts is a mind map, the internal benefits from your thinking necessary to create it far outweigh the value of the map itself.

If you are a regular here,  you will read (and see) me repeat time and time again, it is the process of Mind Mapping that holds the power and the key to far more effective thinking.

Now if you come to share that  mind map with someone else, they do not have the benefit of being inside your head or with you when you created it, so you have to explain it to them.

Even then, that will not transfer the benefits of the process to them, only the outcome or conclusions you have come to.

So it is like the difference between going on a journey and enjoying the travel to get there and being instantly tele-ported to the destination.

Great Mind Mapping Experience

The end result appears to be the same but one has a richness of experience (both good and bad) and texture the other will never have.

Where others will get benefit from your Mind Mapping is when you do it with them and the tool is used as a group capture mechanism.

Because they are present as it is being developed, then they are part of the thinking process which they can benefit from too.

More powerful than that is when they also create their own map as the group one is being developed so they can keep track of their own thoughts that they may not wish to share with others in the group.

So there is a difference between the two and that is important to understand when you are using Mind Mapping with others.

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