Mind Mapping for Accountants – Would Shakespeare Have Approved?

globe_logo_200w.jpgAccording to Tony Buzan’s Book of Genius, William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is listed number two in his all time top one hundred genius hall of fame.

He cites many reasons for this.

His plays have been translated into at least 50 languages – more than any other playwright.

They are the measuring stick against which all subsequent dramas are judged

And most importantly, in his writing, Shakespeare uses over 25,000 unique words.  This fact is quite staggering because the average person has a recognition vocabulary of about 5000 words.

So I think it can be fair to say that Mr Shakespeare, deserves the label of “genius”.

Shakespeare and Mind Mapping, Any Connection?

A few years ago, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was reconstructed on the banks of the river Thames in London and has been presenting open air performances of the master’s plays ever since.

Well yesterday it had a performance of a different kind…not really a classic Shakespearean performance…but nevertheless a memorable one at least.

I spent the day at the Globe theatre in London working with a group of accountants sharing with them the how to, benefits and application of Mind Mapping.glob_220w.jpg

There were highs (lunch and coffee), lows (my dreadful jokes), passion (I do get quite excited about Mind Mapping), tragedy (“why weren’t we taught this at school), romance (I really do love myself sometimes – perhaps a little too much :-) , conflict (shall we finish for lunch now or should I really take another question about Mind Maps), intrigue (why did I choose that t-shirt with that jacket) and skullduggery (who did pinch the box with the data projector in it?)

We explored these areas:

  • The background to the Mind Map – where it came from and why it works
  • The answer to the question “How do I create a Mind Map?”
  • Using Mind Mapping to organise your thoughts
  • Using Mind Maps to organise the thoughts of others
  • How to apply MInd Mapping in business
  • Examples of Mind Maps

We had some great questions from a really enthusiastic bunch of accountants and by the end of the day they were merrily Mind Mapping.

…forsooth didst they so verily.

So would Shakespeare have approved?

Who knows. . . but I think he would have endorsed the idea of learning how to use our mind more effectively.

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