Mind Mapping Examples

Mind Mapping Examples

Our comprehensive library of Mind Map Examples to inspire, guide and stimulate your thinking on the use of this powerful thinking tool.  Mind Mapping can be used for just about any thought process you can imagine and this part of our site will bring you ideas and examples of how we and others use it in our day to day lives.

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Mind Mapping Example 1 – Literary Criticism

Mind Mapping Examples - Literary Criticism by hand first draft

Mind Mapping Examples 1 - Literary CriticismA few years ago I was tasked with investigating how to apply Mind Mapping to the study of Literary Criticism.  Now this is not a subject I was in the slightest bit interested in however I was keen to see how this would work.  So I spent a whole morning studying about 50 pages devoted to the subject.

The first Mind Map you see above is my original hand drawn effort.  The second example is the same map but tidied up by a professional artist because we were going to use this to help promote a training course to teachers.

Now the interesting thing about this exercise for me was that whilst I was not interested in the topic, by applying Mind Mapping to it I got to develop a deeper understanding of it and indeed an appreciation of Literary Criticism all because I was using a very powerul thinking strategy.

Had I just tried to read the document and taken a few hand written notes, I would have probably fallen asleep after the second page.