What is a Mind Map?

What is a Mind Map?

This is a question I keep on forgetting to answer because being so close to the topic it is easy to forget that not everyone knows what a Mind Map is or indeed may never even have heard of it.

So to start with here is a Mind Map:

01 Mind Map Article for PFS 400w 21 Apr 08 mind map.jpg

Quite simply a Mind Map consists of:

  • A central image – usually a picture (the Topic)
  • Main Branches (the main themes)
  • Smaller Sub-Branches (the detail)
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • All of the above drawn in colour

That is it.  So the answer to the question “What is a Mind Map?” is simply that.

But a better question to ask might be “Why bother using a Mind Map?”

Click on the video below and you can watch a video of me waxing lyrical about why I think Mind Mapping is so powerful.

02 benefits video screen capture 330w.jpg

Do let me know how you feel about Mind Maps and Mind Mapping.

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