What is a Mind Map – A Short Video Explanation With an Example Mind Map Too

What is a Mind Map?

Well this is something that I am asked time and time again by people I speak to and work with.

More and more people have heard of the term and many some sort of idea about what it is.

However even those who have heard of Mind Mapping, still don’t really understand what it is or the immense power it can add to one’s thinking abilities.

I was working with a group of accountants recently, helping them understand and harness the amazing benefits of  the Tony Buzan Mind Map.

To help them I made this very short video to provide a short but what I think is a definitive answer to that age old question "What is a Mind Map?"

In it you will:

  • Discover exactly what a Mind Map is
  • See an example Mind Map
  • Understand the enormous benefits of using this tool (that even many Mind Mapping Trainers do not fully appreciate)
  • Find out where you can get a free guide to get you started in Mind Mapping right now.

All this in less than 2 minutes….

So press on the play button right now to find out more (and remember to turn your speakers on)


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