Mind Mapping Software Advice? – Doh! Someone’s Beaten Me To It!

So you want to try out some Mind Mapping Software do you?

A well written blog that covers the topic of Mind Maps should also include guidance on the latest Mind Mapping software.

I mean these days just about everyone uses a computer of some sort (I won’t get into the MAC/PC debate here though) and so if you are going to use hand drawn Mind Maps you might as well explore finding out how to use them on your laptop (or PC…or MAC).

I am an advocate of Mind Map software and have been using Mind Manager for nearly 10 years now.

Important Points in Mind Mapping Software

The important thing to realise is that hand drawn Mind Mapping and software generated Mind Maps have different purposes, different benefits, different drawbacks.

In the past there were only a couple of Mind Map Software tools to choose from, but I have noticed that over the last 12 months a new one seems to popping up every month.

I will be checking out the good ones over the next few months and will let you know my findings, but what if you want to know about them NOW!

New Mind Maps Software Reviews

Well recently I came across an excellent blog dedicated to Mind Mapping Software called (you’ll never guess…) The Mind Mapping Software Blog.

mind mapping software blog.jpg

And as they say in a rather annoying TV advert “it does exactly what it says on the tin”.

It is from a guy called Chuck Frey who has really done a great job of bringing together information about the best Mind Mapping Software available today.

He is an expert in applying the use of Mind Mapping Software to the business environment and has also written 2 e-books on the topic.

This is a really nice site with easy to use layout and excellent content.

Exactly the sort of site I wanted to put together….Damn you Chuck Frey¬† …..Doh!

Go visit it now.

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  • Vic Gee July 1, 2008 at 10:13 am

    "In the past there were only a couple of Mind Map Software tools to choose from". Ahem, when was that Michael, 1995? I’ve been collecting information about mind mapping, concept mapping and other visual thinking tools for about 12 years, and currently have 293 tools in my database. Some are kept just for historical reasons, but if I select ‘current software’, ‘mind maps’ and ‘concept maps’, I get a list of 118. That’s without the tools for argument maps, cognitive maps, belief networks … Chuck goes for the best mind map software and does it well, but if you want to know them all you need to go to mind-mapping.org (which, by the way, doesn’t sell anything). Vic Gee http://www.mind-mapping.org/ The master list of mind mapping & information management software

  • Edwin Yip (Developer of Mind Mapping Software MindVisualizer) July 3, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Vic’s site is really a huge database