Mind Mapping Software Advice? Another Great Site

It is like waiting for a bus…nothing happens for a while and then 3 turn up all at once.

Earlier this week I mentioned in a post I had found a great site that reviews Mind Mapping Software.

Well unbeknown to me there are other sites out there too that provide great information about using Mind Map software.

I think by luck I came across the grand daddy of them all after I wrote that last post.

…mmmm….perhaps I am over stating my contribution to that raised awareness of this other great site.

What actually happened is that the owner of this particular site got in touch with me and informed me of my omission.

It seems I really have been behind the times on keeping up to date about the amount of software for Mind Mapping that is available to the user.

Well I suppose that is of no real surprise as I am a huge advocate of using hand drawn Mind Maps and have been happily using Mind Manager for years. 

So why would I need to look elsewhere?

….How selfish of me to consider only my own needs and not that of the wider public and in particular my customers, clients, subscribers and visitors to this site.

So if you want to find out where some of the best software is to help you with your Mind Mapping then I have already given you that site (see my earlier post).

But if you want to see information about ALL of the available Mind Mapping (and visual thinking) software (which will of course include the best as recommended by Chuck Frey) then you should visit this site:

mind mapping org web site.jpg 

You will find it at www.mind-mapping.org and it is run by Vic Gee.

He describes his site as "Vic’s compendium of software that supports knowledge management and information organisation in graphical form" and is another excellent Mind Mapping resource.

Each entry in his database (and there are nearly 300 separate entries) will tell you the name of the software, where you can find it, when it came online (or certainly when it was added to his database), the operating system, how much it costs, observations about it and what people think of it..

There is a very useful search facility that allows you to search by operating system and/or type of application.

mind mapping org web site search box.jpg

So if you wanted to see if there was a 3D Mind Mapping Software for your PocketPC, then at the click of a mouse you could find out if it exists.

The scope of this site extends far beyond just Mind Mapping and embraces all sorts of visual based thinking tools and is a fabulous resource for seeing just what is available.

You could spend hours looking at all sorts of different packages so my advice to you is this if you want to just check out Mind Mapping Software:

1.   Visit Vic’s site at www.mind-mapping.org and do a search for Mind Maps or 3D Mind Maps for your operating system.

2.   Then go over to Chuck Frey’s website and narrow down the list to the ones that he recommends.

3.   Alternatively if you don’t have the time to do all of this research and you work in an office type scenario (whether for yourself or for someone else), then you won’t go far wrong by trying out MindJet’s Mind Manager.

I will be checking out some of the software that you will find on the sites run by Vic and Chuck in the future to give you my take on them, but for now at least you have got some ideas on how to make an informed choice of your Mind Mapping Software.



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  • Edwin Yip (Developer of Mind Mapping Software MindVisualizer) July 5, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Both Chuck’s and Vic’s sites are good, I’m their regular visitors too :)

  • Anton July 5, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    I’ve also found the novamind web site a good resource too – they have quite a few articles on mind mapping there as well as a few case studies and a decent library of example mind maps, even if you don’t use their mind mapping software (which is excellent, btw). There are some great videos there too – check out the blog which seems to have most of them listed without having to stumble across them in the site.

    Another one is the illumine where there is a huge list of the software available, and quite a number of case studies of people and companies using mind mapping.

    I like Chuck’s new look blog – nice looking design.