iMindMap Mind Mapping Software Server Burnout!

buzan imindmap logo.jpgiMind Map Mind Mapping software, Tony Buzan’s current pride and joy, is certainly creating a few headaches for his development team down there in wet and damp South Wales.

Fortunately these are good headaches to have because the download demand for the latest version of the Mind Map software has pretty much burnt out their servers.

I had an email from Chris Griffiths, the Chief Executive who wrote:

Dear Michael,

I have been keen to get in contact to keep you updated in regards to the release of iMindMap Version 3.

We have had a tremendous week or so, with hundreds of thousands of iMindMap Version 3 downloads already. We have been overwhelmed, and excited, by the magnitude of interest and enthusiasm so far!

To cope with this huge amount of download traffic, we have had to move servers to ensure everyone is able to successfully download the software quickly and with ease.

We are now using Amazon, one of the biggest and most robust file hosting providers, to manage all of our downloads and to provide a more efficient service for everyone.

Unfortunately this has meant that we have had to halt and stagger the delivery of some users’ upgrade emails whilst we switch over.

So because of all you enthusiastic Mind Mappers out there, my upgrade is still in that stagger of emails waiting to be processed.


Please DO NOT visit Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping Software Site to find out what all the fuss is about, DO NOT pass Go and DO NOT collect £200.

Let the servers breathe a little so I can get my upgrade and then you can download it all you like.

So do not click on this iMindMap Version 3 Software Link because if you do your computer will explode!!!

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