iMindMap CEO Gets His Own Back And Taunts Me About His New iPhone Application

Now I thought Chris Griffiths (CEO of Buzan Online) was a decent sort of bloke.

Ok so I did insult him a little bit about iMindMap Version 4 (which still amazes me how good it is).

I mean you would be smug too if you had done such a great job with your new Mind Mapping Software.

So now he sends me another e mail taunting me about his new iPhone Application.

“Hi Michael

Are you an iPhone user?

Just wondered if you wanted to be on the beta for iMindMap for iPhone.

Very best


iphone_imindmap.jpgNow he knows I don’t have an iphone yet so this is just blatant mental cruelty or just revenge for my insult.

So not only do I NOT have one of the coolest phones on the planet, but it also looks like I am NOT going to be able to access one of the coolest Mind Mapping software applications on the planet using it.

Is this man just plain cruel or is it the start of a shrewd marketing plan?

Does he have shares in Apple because he pretty well knows that once his new application is on the App Store I will HAVE to go get myself an iPhone!

And then later he goes and tells me about some more cool stuff that is happening in the world of Buzan Online….BUT WON’T LET ME TELL YOU!


This man is driving me nuts….

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