How Do YOU Get The Best Out Of Mind Manager, The Leading Mind Maps Software?

Are you a Mind Manager user?

If you don’t know what Mind Manager is, it is the world’s leading Mind Mapping Software package (well over a million downloads and increasing every day).

You can get it from – there is a free 30 day download of the latest version which is at version 8.

You Have The Mind Mapping Software- How Do You Use It?

If you do use this leading Mind Map software then are you getting the most out of it?

Now I don’t mean are you using all of its features because some of what it can do might be quite neat but may be more of a distraction rather than a purposeful tool to help you do what you do better, faster, cheaper.

I have been using Mind Manager for years now and have only really dabbled with it but just recently I have come across a couple of people who are really using this amazing software really well indeed and are light years ahead of their peers in terms of their effectiveness and productivity because of it.

What they are doing is not rocket science – just very clever yet easy to implement.

I have been learning what they are doing with it and have been adding a few twists of my own from the years I have been using it and realise that if you have a PC and you deal with information then there are some things you just HAVE to know about this software and how to use it.

So I am quietly putting together a coaching programme on how to get some great results from Mind Manager.

It is not a full on “How To” course for the software but a straightforward guidance on how to be more effective using this software.

It will be the perfect programme for seasoned users and beginners alike.

But I want it to be a REALLY good course that will blow you away and so I have a favour to ask.

If you are a Mind Manager user and you have some nifty little trick you do with it that saves you time or makes your daily tasks so much easier, then I would love to hear about.

All you have to do is tell me about it in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing about just how good you are with this great software, and how it improved your Mind Maps.

By the way the best response will get free access to this programme.

Go on let me know how you use it and give yourself a chance of becoming even better with Mind Manager.

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