Find Out What is REALLY Happening in the Wonderful World of Mind Mapping

Ok so you are unlikely to ever get an impartial view about MInd Mapping from me, however hard I try to be objective.

I am a complete convert, I thoroughly recommend it and can’t understand why anyone would ignore this amazing tool once it has been properly explained to them about how it works and what the benefits are.

So how do you get an impartial view on what people really think about Mind Mapping and how they are using it?

Well you just ask them.

And that is what Mind Mapping Software Expert Chuck Frey has done over the last few years.

iStock_000005715587XSmall.jpgHe has surveyed over a thousand people over several surveys over a number of years and so his finger is definitely on the pulse of what people really think about Mind Mapping and how they are actually using it.

Of course being a software expert, his research is biased towards his area of interest, however it does reveal quite a bit about the importance of being able to use both conventional and software generated MInd Maps.

I won’t steal his thunder by telling you his key findings but if you go along and peruse these well written reports, you will discover:

  • The #1 benefit people are getting from using Mind Mapping that gets nearly 4 times as many votes as the #2 benefit
  • The average productivity savings generated by properly using Mind Mapping Software (what would you do with an extra day a week of free time?)
  • The extremely wide range of Mind Mapping applications
  • Why he thinks the majority of Mind Mapping Software users have never even heard of its inventor, Tony Buzan!

Who needs to read these reports?

Well if you find yourself in one of the following categories, then I would definitely suggest you go along and read his reports (they are well written, have lots of pictures and charts and reveal some very interesting issues with Mind Mapping and the software in particular):

Mind Mappers

  • If you are someone who has considered using Mind Mapping but want to find out if it is really worth the effort
  • If you have been using hand drawn Mind Maps for a while and want to get into using software
  • If you are a Mind Mapping Software user but know there is more you could be doing with it and want to find out more

Corporate Management

  • If you are considering bringing in a Mind Mapping trainer at the request of one of your team and want to check out what the fuss is all about
  • If you are considering investing in Mind Mapping software and want to know more about the advantages and benefits

Mind Mapping Software Developers

  • Of the three categories you really HAVE to go and get these reports because they will tell you exactly what you need to do with your Mind Mapping software to make it user friendly, appropriately functional and more appealing.  Check out the list of applications to find out exactly how Mind Mapping Software is really being used and if yours can’t do the top ten, then you have some coding to do!

More Mind Maps?

So to get hold of Chuck’s free research reports to help you understand what is really happening in the wonderful world of Mind Mapping, just get yourself over to Chuck Frey’s MInd Mapping Research Centre.

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