Mind Maps For Teachers – Introducing Yourself To Your Class

I was working with a group of teachers not long ago teaching them how to get the most out of Mind Maps in the classroom. I always love working with groups of teachers because I know that once they “get” Mind Maps hundreds, if not thousands of kids will benefit as a result.

I certainly wish I had been told about Mind Mapping when I was at School because I now know what a big difference it would have made both to my performance as a student and my engagement in and enjoyment of the learning process.

As part of my demonstration of both the power of a Mind Map and how one is put together, I usually build up one about myself that also provides a way of introducing who I am. This course was no different and as usual the activity achieved what it set out to.

One of the teachers was so impressed with the effectiveness of the tool as a way of sharing personal information, she decided that when she started with her new class next term, she would introduce herself using a Mind Map.

Mind Mapping For Academic Purposes

Not only would the children benefit from finding out some interesting personal information about their new teacher, but they would also see a Mind Map in action and experience its power first hand right at the beginning of term.

So if ever you have to do a brief 5 minute or less introduction about yourself, why not consider using Mind Mapping. You’ll be amazed at just how engaging AND memorable that is.

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