Examples of Mind Maps – Do You Want to See a Really Big Mind Map?

I want to give you as many examples of Mind Maps as I can and so I regularly trawl the internet for really good Mind Mapping so that you can see the different approaches and ways they are used.

A very common question I am asked when I am sharing the benefits of Mind Mapping with people is “How big should a Mind Map be?”

This is an excellent mind mapping question, and the answer really is “as big as it needs to be”.

Now to some this might not seem very helpful but it is true – your Mind Map is finished when it has done the job it is intended to do.

Sometimes you might just have a couple of branches and a few key words.

Other times you might create a Mind Map that is full of detail with lots of branches and sub-branches.

Remember it is the process that is crucial, not the Map itself.

The physical size is not really that important as the same Mind Map can be drawn on a piece of 11″x8″ paper or it can be drawn on a flip chart sized piece of paper.

“Big” really refers to the complexity and the level of detail.

So with that in mind, I have found a site that has some excellent examples of Mind Maps – really big Mind Maps.

Here is a screen shot of one of the Mind Maps on the site which you will find at the Study Matrix Blog run by fellow Mind Mapping enthusiast Adam Sicinski.

big mind map from study matrix art.jpg

Now at first glance it is easy to be put off by something as complex as this.

However, remember this is someone else’s Mind Map and is an example of some pretty detailed thinking around this topic which happens to be about becoming an outstanding critical thinker.

If you had to explore this topic in some depth and capture your thoughts on a single piece of paper, then this is probably one of the best ways of doing it.

So looking at this for the first time, you are missing the context in which this example of a Mind Map has been created.

All you are seeing is the evidence of the thought process and take it from me that this is a pretty good example.

If you would like to see more Mind Map examples, just like this one, then Adam has more like this one that you can download for FREE!

Topics include 25 Effective Strategies for Weight Loss, Unlocking Your Creative Genius Potential, and the Financial Intelligence Factor and can be downloaded for free from his site at http://www.studymatrixart.com/store/.

So go check them out and do let me know what you think.

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